About Journey Community Schools

Our Mission & Vision

Mission: We engage families and community partners in our scholars’ learning journey; cultivate a safe, positive and joyous learning environment; and empower teachers and leaders with support to deliver an inclusive, innovative and rigorous education.

Vision: To develop a community of lifelong learners who excel in all areas of life.

Belief Statements

  1. We believe that education is the shared responsibility of students, staff, parents, and the community.
  2. We believe any and all progress should be constantly celebrated; there is joy at and in doing the work.
  3. We believe every moment matters and there is a learning opportunity in every interaction.
  4. We believe all should advocate for what they need to help inform decisions.
  5. We believe in high expectations and providing equitable support to reach these expectations.


Our Story

Formerly Aspire Public Schools – Memphis, 2020 marked the transition to a new, locally managed charter organization – Journey Community Schools. With the first employee of Aspire Memphis at the helm, Dr. Nickalous Manning led the way in ensuring that our schools are equipped to serve scholars and families well. Continuing the work in Orange Mound, Raleigh, and East Memphis is urgent and necessary – therefore we continued our commitment to the 1,600 scholars who walk through our doors each day. Our three-year Strategic Plan includes four areas of focus: Culture, Academic Success, Organizational Excellence, and Communications & Engagement. We believe that this plan will lead us to achievement in all areas of our work.
In recognition to operate true community-based schools, and acknowledging the unique opportunities in Memphis, the launch of Journey Community Schools embodies so much of the strong foundation we built and promise for what lies ahead. Our communities make us great. We also have dedicated scholars, families, and teammates willing to go the extra mile to ensure that we are Paving Pathways to Success. We are stronger together – welcome to Journey Community Schools!

Give the best, expect the best.
We have high standards. We take pride in our work. It is our responsibility to give our best and we hold each other accountable for the same.

Eager to learn and get better.
We embrace tough problems, find solutions, and take action.We seek to understand in order to make the best choices. We never stop learning.

Stronger together.
We have a shared voice in our community where each member plays an important role in our success. We come alongside each other to ensure the best outcomes.

Choose to be positive.
We choose to be positive for our own well-being and the well being of those around us. We celebrate the success of others. We find fulfillment in the journey.

Courage to continue.
We overcome the unexpected. We handle challenges which foster strength and growth better than before.