Our Approach

We stand firmly grounded in four principles – Ujima, Path, Equip, and Achievement, which seamlessly go hand in hand with the vision and mission that will guide us in the future. This philosophy is visually represented in the Journey Community Schools logo as described below. Collectively, we know that these principles play an integral role in Paving Pathways to Success.

We equip our Journey Community scholars, families, and teammates. Each comes with unique assets in their backpack and there is room to fill them.

The path represents clear focus and a plan to help us achieve our goals.

Ujima is a Swahili word that means “collective work and responsibility”.  In our crest, the icon represents our community, and the collaborative spirit that sets us apart.

The laurel wreath symbolizes the ultimate goal we are all working toward – Achievement.

Individualized attention

Rigorous curriculum

Exposure to potential careers

Community support